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  1. Rare-Earth Mining Rises Again in United States |

    A company called Molycorp has re-opened a California mine that was once the worlds leading source of rare earths, the elements on which modern technology relies.

  2. rare earth minerals PLC :: Greenland Rare Earth

    GGGs latest estimates for inferred and indicated mineral resources at the Kvanefjeld deposit, as defined by JORC ... Video - Greenland Rare Earth Exploration;

  3. Rare earth element deposits: interactive map - USGS

    Information on mineral deposits containing rare earth elements and yttrium from around the world with grade and tonnage, and mineralogy.

  4. Boom in Mining Rare Earths Poses Mounting

    Report Boom in Mining Rare Earths Poses Mounting Toxic Risks The mining of rare earth metals, used in everything from smart phones to wind turbines, has long been ...

  5. What Rare Earths Are Locked in Your Cell Phone?

    Rare earth elements are peppered throughout your phone, from the glass display, making it harder, to magnets in speakers, headphones, and vibrating motors, making ...

  6. Texas Mineral Resources

    Texas Mineral Resources believes it is imperative to re-establish the United ... Texas Rare Earth Resources Test Results Indicate Potentially Significant Economic ...

  7. Rare Earth Mining News and Commentary |

    Rare Earth mining news. Explore related Rare Earth articles for more information on the Rare Earth mining industry.

  8. rare earth minerals: Chemistry, Origin and Ore

    Buy rare earth minerals: Chemistry, Origin and Ore Deposits (The Mineralogical Society Series) on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

  9. Environmental Damage - MIT

    The list of environmental concerns that can be connected with rare earth elements is not a brief one. Throughout the cycle of mining processes that rare earth ...

  10. USGS Minerals Information: Rare Earths

    The principal economic sources of rare earths are the minerals bastnasite, monazite, and loparite and the lateritic ion-adsorption clays.

  11. Rare Earth: Afghanistan Sits on $1 Trillion in

    The aerial surveys determined that Afghanistan may hold 60 million tons of copper, 2.2 billion tons of iron ore, 1.4 million tons of rare earth elements such as ...

  12. Metal-Pages - Rare Earths prices - Rare Earth prices

    Rare Earths prices - Rare Earth prices ... Prices are indicative, and based in warehouse Rotterdam duty unpaid unless otherwise stated.

  13. 134 RARE EARTHS1 - USGS Mineral Resources Program

    134 RARE EARTHS1 [Data in metric tons of rare-earth oxide (REO) equivalent content unless otherwise noted] Domestic Production and Use: Rare earths were mined for ...

  14. 100% Pure Essential Oil Products - rareEARTH

    At rareEARTH Naturals, we consciously source only the finest 100% essential oils from all over the world. We offer candles, diffusers, perfumes and more!

  15. rare-earth mineral_rare-earth mineral ...

    rare-earth mineral , rare-earth ; rare earth n. cobalt-rare earth magnet - magnesium-rare earth

  16. rare-earth_mineral_rare-earth_mineral_

    ,rare-earth_mineral,rare-earth_mineral,rare-earth_mineral,rare-earth_mineral,rare-earth_mineral,rare ...

  17. The Geology of Rare Earth Elements

    The Geology of Rare Earth Elements Republished from: The Principal Rare Earth Elements Deposits of the United States, USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2010

  18. Pictures: China's Rare-Earth Minerals Monopoly

    China's rare-earth mining has given it dominance in the market for materials that go into everything from smart phones to electric cars, but the industry has exacted ...

  19. rare earth minerals: An End To China's Monopoly

    rare earth minerals arent as rare as you think. The mining of rare earth minerals well, thats another story. China has a stranglehold on the ...

  20. rare earth minerals: ANZAPLAN

    rare earth mineral resources, processing, future development, mineralogy. Home; News; Contact; Sitemap; Sitesearch. ... rare earth minerals. The rare earth elements ...

  21. Are rare earth minerals Too Costly for

    Lindsey Hilsum of Independent Television News examines how mining rare earth minerals -- considered to be an obscure yet profitable industry, is causing a major ...

  22. China Ends Rare-Earth Minerals Export Quotas -

    China Ends Rare-Earth Minerals Export Quotas China Ends Decade-Old Quota System Limiting Exports of Minerals Essential for High-Technology Applications Including ...

  23. Rare Earth - GarrisonMinerals.com

    Garrison is proud to provide high quality rare earth minerals to our customers. We also privide free quotes, free samples, and fantastic customer service for all of ...

  24. rare earth minerals

    rare earth minerals Plc is a London listed investment company focused on creating a diverse portfolio of direct and indirect interests in Lithium and Rare Earth ...

  25. Rare earth elements: Not so rare after all - CBS News

    Rare earth elements: Not so rare after all. Look around you -- rare earth elements are everywhere. Lesley Stahl gets a demo

  26. Rare Element Resources

    The Bear Lodge Project area is a significant mineralized district that contains one of the largest disseminated rare earth deposits in North America.

  27. Industrial Uses of Rare Earths: Namibia Rare

    How Are Rare Earths Used? There are 17 elements found on the earth that are classified as rare earth elements (REE). While the word "rare may make you think that ...