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  1. Buzzing Sound from ASUS Laptop - Internal

    Buzzing Sound from ASUS Laptop ... Only you can be sure where the noise is coming from. The fan is usually about a inch deep inside the case from where the air comes out.

  2. Causes for a Laptop Fan Making Noise |

    Causes for a Laptop Fan Making Noise. By Eric Rosenberg. Laptops put all of the important hardware for running a computer into a small area.

  3. My laptop started making a loud grinding noise |

    My laptop makes a loud grinding noise, ... The fan started making a grinding noise, like fan blades hitting the enclosure or possibly the bearings.

  4. Why Is My Computer Making a Really Loud Fan

    The noise of the fan running may combine with the normal hum or whir of the hard drive as it accesses data, making it sound louder than it actually is. Overheating.

  5. My fan is making a weird noise - Sony Vaio Pro 13

    I have a smilar issue. The noise from my fan is intermittent, and if I pick the laptop off the table, it may stop OR start the "extra weird sound."

  6. Hp Pavilion DV6 SE fan making strange noise - HP

    About an hour and a half ago, while playing a game, my fan randomly started making a strange noise, that sounding like something was interfearing with - 587493

  7. Solved: Sony Vaio Pro 13 fan rattle noise - the

    Solved: A rattling noise comes out of the left side fan vents when the fan is on. The rattling noise increases when the the laptop is tilted from

  8. How to fix my laptop fan if it's making a grinding

    How do I fix my laptop fan if it's making a grinding noise? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 3 Answers. Quora User. 4.4k Views · Most Viewed Writer in . Noise with 30 ...

  9. Fan Buzzing on a Lenovo T61 - Forums - CNET

    2011-7-8·Usually a fan making noise when the ... worst case is the dry-ness of the fan motor, causing grinding noise. ... When I opened my laptop to clean the fan ...

  10. Problem with fan noise - ThinkWiki

    Problem with fan noise. From ThinkWiki. ... The fan is always on, even when the laptop is rather cool. Affected Models Acceleration (pulsing) problem: ThinkPad 600E;

  11. How Can I Quiet a Noisy Computer Fan? -

    My laptop fan is super loud, and I can't seem to get it to quiet down. It's all BRRRRRRRRRR the whole day, and I'm like FUUUUUUUUUUUU and slap it BAAAAAM and it won't ...

  12. Is That Grinding Sound the Death of My Hard

    Ericuse165 has a friend with a PC that's making a grinding noise. ... Is That Grinding Sound the Death of My Hard ... But if a fan is making the noise, ...

  13. laptop fan making too much noise [Solved] -

    My toshiba latop is making this very loud , sortof grinding noise. I seems to be coming from the fan but if I hold the laptop vertical, the sound stops.

  14. Help Laptop Fan Weird Grinding Noise

    2015-2-25·My Acer Aspire 5532 laptop makes this weird grinding sound sporadically or when I tilt it around. I cleaned out the fan, yet this still happens.

  15. Why is my PC power supply fan making a

    Why is my PC power supply fan making a grinding noise? Marty March 1, 2010. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Stumbleupon Whatsapp Email.

  16. Troubleshooting fan noise | Dell US

    Dell support article tagged with: Fan, Noise, Abnormal Fan, Loud Fan, Ventilation, Fan Usage,. This is an article from the official Dell Support Knowledge Base and ...

  17. Laptop making rattling / grinding noises [Solved ...

    More about : laptop making rattling grinding noises. darkbreeze. a c 351 D Laptop ... HP Laptop CPU fan makes a grinding noise when picked up, tilted ...

  18. Lenovo y510p Fan noise : grinding / buzzing -

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone else had experience with an issue I am having. I just got my new Y510p laptop and a fan has been making a constant buzzing noise.

  19. CPU fan making annoying

    CPU fan making annoying whirring/bzzing/vibrating noise ... Solved Fan is making loud noise in my laptop until CPU gets hot solution; Solved CPU Fan making grinding ...

  20. ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Forum- Fan noise and

    2010-5-13·I just hit the top of my laptop again and the noise is gone ... It normally starts vibrating and making noise as soon as the fan starts running regardless of how long ...

  21. How to Fix a Laptop Fan | Howcast - The best

    If your laptop is overheating or making a grinding sound, you may need to give your fan an overhaul.

  22. What To Do When Your Hard Drive is Making Noise

    Hard drive noises like grinding, ... See How to Fix a Computer Fan That's Loud or Making Noise if you think the true source of the strange sounds is ...

  23. Solved: Yoga 13 Fan Noise - Page 98 - Lenovo

    Anyone have success returning a Scratch & Dent Yoga 13 because of the fan noise? I tried both the EC upgrade and using NBFC but it's still too loud for me.

  24. HP Mini 1000, grinding fan noise. - HP Support

    I've recently updated the Bios on my HP mini, and now if i start up my computer the fan isn't making a grinding noise. The problem is that even if i move it slightly ...

  25. Lenovo Ideapad Z565 Resolving noisy fan issue

    Lenovo Ideapad Z565 Resolving noisy fan ... that guide the fan air through the laptop ... I was surprised to learn that the noise is not caused by the fan itself ...

  26. grinding laptop -

    Grinding noise from laptop - MajorGeeks Support Forums ; 7 replies from May 2005; Majorgeeks.Com ... Grinding fan noise HP dv6 1130TX - Fixya - Product Problem ...

  27. Grinding sound in laptop - Sony

    But a couple of days ago this really loud grinding noise came from within the laptop, ... get the feeling this might be an fan ... Grinding sound in laptop. Options.

  28. Grinding throbbing fan noise coming from XPS